If you find my comics offensive then is your fault, because I do not mean to offend anyone

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Laura Roque ||   

Hello, and welcome to my personal profile.

My name is Laura Roque (AKA Wawa, Wawazilla, LRQE, Hey you over there, etc.). I am a mexican girl, I studied visual arts and I'm currently unemployed. I think the webcomic Wawa says more about me than anything that I could possibly write here, so I should probably stop now.

If you have a question, comment or fanart, you can send it to the following e-mail, I check this one like once a week, sometimes once every two weeks, please DO NOT add me to contact lists of ANY kind:



You can also follow me on Twitter -->       @lrqe


Edit: Had to take down the sketches due to technical problems. I'll try to do something about it soon.

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