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I hope this comic can work as an OBVIOUS HINT on what I want for my birthday, which is next monday. *wink*wink* Don't get me wrong, I do like presents that are picked with a lot of thought and love, and I do like to be surprised, I actually liked that pocket knife, it was pretty cool! But if you ask that question and get a direct answer that is reasonable and can be achieved, why going against it? If you want to surprise the person, it's better if you do not even mention it, for it is even nicer to get a real surprise every once in a while instead of an announced one. As for some people who think giving money as a present is not personal and even careless, I can assure you that ANY present is good enough as long as it comes from your heart. I'd take an orange as a present from any friend any day.

I just realized this is comic strip number 51 (if you count the fillers and extra comics, if not, is number 45 or so), which means in a few weeks I will have a year working on this webcomic. Wow, time flies, thanks to those who read this comic on a regular basis, and special thanks to the one person who has actually sent fanart.

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