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Blood Rose
A romantic lady makes an impossible request, but things don't go her way at all.
Two strange creatures share their dreams and surprise each other.
Some Day Dreamers
The surreal dreamscape of a sleep-deprived artist.
Two Tigers
A politically charged fantasy story by Jonathon Dalton.
The Old Crow
A young girl watches her mother struggle with schizophrenia.
by Von Allen, starts 24 February.
A Witch and a Wiz
Allucia and Wendel are junior magic users in training. Their first assignment: a creepy haunted house!
The Exile's Daughter
A young lady in ancient Japan sets out to find her exiled father.
Caroline Parkinson, starts 28 January.
Hale, a graduate with a useless degree finds an unusual job in the countryside.
Part 1 Part 2
Sad robots, uncaring creators and icky imperfection.
By Lacroix.
Part 1 Part 2
Graduation Day
A short, silent comic about friendship and love between two girls. By Vatina.
Frustration, lost items and kids. Purgatory is right. By Andrea L. Peterson.
Sometimes love needs a helping hand. By Nana Li.
Important Things
The things you think about on a dreary afternoon. By Lee Thacker.
A tale of two girls growing up together, by Sally Jane Thompson.
Deadpan humour and grade-A buttkicking. An action comic by Philip Tse and Emmanuel Soupidis.
Do not feed the Bear
A gross but nicely drawn adaptation of an African folk tale, by Caroline Parkinson.
A young woman goes missing. Will she be found before her time runs out?
By Mark Langsworthy
Don't Trip Over in Japan
A guide to Japan for the Culturally Challenged.
By Kairi Moon
A wry tale of vengeance set in post Civil War England.
By Michael “Kriffix” Kaçar and Rebecca "Azure" McCarthy
God's Vengeance
A young girl learns a lesson about Divine Law.
By Starlias
An elegant, apocalyptic robot sci-fi kind of thing.
By Virtues
Sleeping Fantasy
A creepy tale of art and obsession.
By SerpentDoness (Zongyi Chen)
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