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Kairi Moon: Being half Japanese and half English, I've always felt in Limbo of where I truly belong. Drawing manga has helped me connect to a country which I'm a part of, and also feel proud of but have never experienced.

I have only recently started drawing comics/manga since knowing about the media because I felt I was no good, but after some encouraging criticisms I felt like giving it a go, and I have been able to develop and improve my drawing skills. Being a craftsmen has also helped as I don't think I would be as good without being good at art. I am a bit harsh on myself because I feel I can do better but I'm proud of what I've been able to create and do. The only way is up!

About the story: I couldn't think of a short story because I'm quite bad at creating them in such a limited amount of pages, so I thought I might try an "informative" piece about bad experiences I've heard and would imagine happening to others with no prior knowledge of Japan. I tried to find the humour in such events since I found them funny myself, but also help others learn what traditions and customs are important in their society.

Don't Trip Over in Japan

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