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Webcomic Shorts


Webcomic Shorts is a website with short comics by various artists.


The purpose behind Webcomic Shorts is twofold:
  • To showcase and promote short comics and their creators.
  • To provide webcomic readers with varied, easy-to-find, bitesize entertainment.


Webcomic Shorts began updating regularly on 29 October. It will update on weekdays, new comics will thus be added to the site one by one. Just like a regular webcomic.


Webcomic Shorts has a small and overworked team of trained monkeys who search for new and interesting short comics to add. See the Submissions section below for details on how your short comic could end up on this site.


Editor of Webcomic Shorts is Willie Hewes, a girl who draws comics.


What we want:

  • Comics should be short, ideally between 3 and 20 pages. Each comic should be a complete story in itself, not a chapter from a larger story.
  • It does not matter whether it has been published before, or if itís available elsewhere online, as long as you have the copyright.
  • It can be any genre, and any style. I hope to get a wide variety of artists, themes and genres.
  • It should be quality, as determined by me, the editor. I put a lot of value on clear storytelling, consistent artwork, originality and emotional impact (be it funny, scary, sad, or enraging).

What we offer:

  • We will host your comic on this site, for free, no catch.
  • We will provide linkage to your own site, DA, MySpace or whatever.
  • You will keep all rights to your work, we only ask permission to host your submission on this site.
  • We will advertise this site online and at conventions.

How to submit:

Please send a link to your work to williehewes AT yahoo DOT com, with "Webcomic Shorts" in the subject line of your e-mail.

If you want to draw a short comic specifically for Webcomic Shorts, you are welcome to send a pitch to the same address. If possible, please provide a link to art samples or other comic work youíve done.

Please allow up to two weeks for a reply.

If your submission is accepted, and you have your own site/blog/myspace/whatever, we politely ask that you provide a link to our site.

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