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On this site:

Refuge Rules The full rules for the Refuge program for teenagers, as sent out to parents. The Free Z comic was based on this document.

History of Love in Action A bit more about the roots of Love in Action by one of the original founders.

Ex-gay Testimonies Testimonies by ex-gays and people who used to be ex-gay, about the question: is change possible.

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External Links:

Love in Action is the organisation running the Refuge program. Refuge is their program for youth.

Beyond Ex-Gay is a resource site for ex-gay survivors. It contains many stories from men and women who tried to change their sexual orientation, and found they could not.

Family Acceptance is a site by parents who were shocked to find their son was gay. Rather than try to change his orientation, they set out on the path to love and acceptence.

Finally Free (PDF) is a publication by the Human Rights Campaign, an organisation that campaigns for human rights for gay people. Finally free contains 14 personal stories of people who tried with all their hearts to change, and found they could not.

Ex-gay Watch is a news site by a group of people cataloguing the political impact and semantic acrobatics of the ex-gay movement.

Peterson Toscano is a theatrical performance activist who tried to ex-gay himself for years and in many different ways. He is now a speaker, educator and blogger.

Would Jesus Discriminate is a campaign questioning the anti-gay dogma prevalent in a lot of churches, and the site highlights some gay-friendly stories in the bible.
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