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Some short comics by me

The Suckiest Angel Inspirational Tale * 5 pgs * Complete

One of G-d's servants is uncertain about their job. All the other angels are so much cooler!
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Free Z Gay, Political * 5 pgs * Complete

The true story of a 16 year old who was sent to a church-run therapy camp to fix his homosexuality. Now also available on paper.
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The Toll Playful fantasy * 4 pgs * Complete

A very short story about a girl on a quest and a troll guarding a bridge.
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White Saint's Day Tragic Romance * 18 pgs * Complete

A sad story about the relationship between two young philosophy students in a religious, magical world.
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Hero/Villain Comedy, Spoof * 10 pgs * Complete

Hero/Villain is a comedy short featuring a dastardly villain and a heroic hero!
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GothBoy Comedy, Random * 4 short stories * Complete

Online versions of the famous GothBoy mini-comics! Silly shenanigans with happy goths, demons, robots and more!
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