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About Me

Artist Avatar I am a comic creating-and-publishing girl-person hailing from Bristol, England, though I'm originally from the Netherlands. I've been drawing comics since 2002, and plan to continue for many more years.

By day, I work a boring but undemanding job in the civil service, and by night I live the glamorous life of a real comic book artist! Meaning I sit at a desk and draw. And sometimes do the washing up.

Contact me!

My e-mail is: Willie at itchpublishing dot com (but formatted as an email adress, obviously). Please write to chat, ask questions, send fanmail, propose marriage, or whatever.

For more contact options, please check my contact page over at ITCH publishing.


Since the start of 2008, I've been running a little publishing business called ITCH. Its focus is on girl friendly comics by UK creators, and it sells small press books at UK comics and manga events.

Getting published by ITCH is a bit like self-publishing, but with me doing all the work. Please visit ITCH for the details.

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