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In this page Hayden wraps the chain around the beast!  It was presumed by Mac and Hayden that the iron in the chains mau be harmful to the Domovoi.
The iron chain worked and the beast was subdued.  It also made the Domovoi shrink in size.  But when the beast shrank a powerful light appeared and took our heroes by surprise.
This was the last page I drew for this series.  As you will see with the next page I am abandoning this project.  In the page Dragan and Milos see the light erupting out of the church so they run to investigate and make sure that Hayden and Mac are ok.  Inside Hayden and Mac discover that the Domovoi had grown in size due to all the people he had taken.  Once the beast was defeated, the souls of the taken were set free.  Senka and Bosko are seen flying away at the end.
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