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Drehmos Blaze
So far, little is known about this character in his dark cloak and hidden face, but he seems to be playing the hero, and to have the ability to shift through worlds, as he has just arrived in one he's never seen before... ... more
Again, very little known about this seemingly helpless girl, except that she seems to be possessed, and when she is in danger, the demons take control and forcefully defend her. ... more
Lord, when will there be a character that we know something about? Tarik knows Drehmos, and seems to have a leadership position over the man, as he is giving Drehmos orders and threatening him...They don't seem to like each other much... ... more
(c) 2007 Chelsea "Yami" Hodges and Bri Cummins of Iscariot Studios
(c) Chelsea "Yami" Hodges
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Artist, author, and martial artist, Yami Hodges is the brain behind Iscariot Studios (See homepage link) and the main artist and writer of Shades of Crimson. ... full profile