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Wednesdays (I hope)
Whew, it took me forever, but I finally got this first page up. From here on out, the comic should update every week, probably on wednesdays, but maybe on fridays...And the next couple of comics will also have far less editing and will be easier to read as I intend to change the text style. At least I hope that will fix that problem...
Sorry it took so long, in later comics the cover will go before the first page...I just didn't have it ready yet. sorry!

There, the story is starting to get going now. We'll have some more plot in the next one...this is all set up...and by the way, going from novel form to comic form is not particularly easy!

Happy (late) Easter everyone! I hope you all had a nice break, I know I did. My sister came home for the weekend, and that's always fun. I got a cool hoodie and some gloves on a solo trip downtown, which is also always fun. Unless you get mugged or something. That's never fun. Anyway. About the comic. Don't worry, all will be explained soon. Just hang in there...

I don't think our hero has ever experienced that before...And though I don't speak from experience, I don't think watching someone get their head ripped off is particularly pleasant! Poor guys. By the way, both the hero and this odd and violent female-factor will be named probably the comic after next. Or the one after that. You may even get a six panel comic soon! And once I get better, free form panels, panel breaks, and all sorts of fun like that. But that won't be for a while...I still haven't gotten the hang of this quite yet...

Great news! Following the next comic, your friends at Iscariot Studios will be moving to FREE PANEL COMICS!!! No more four panel pages! (unless we end up short on time and have no other choice, of course...) We've already gotten the planning done, now there's just the actual drawing to be done...
Whoo, this one almost missed it's post date! I've been working like crazy on later comics, and forgot that I hadn't uploaded or even finished this one! Next comic-free panel! and a little surprise with it too...

Sorry, due to the AP History test, no comic this week! Expect a surprise next week though!


Edit:  Thanks to my co-artist Bri for the ruffles and shading, and thank you luck and running speed that I didn't miss the bus trying to get this singular picture up at the end of class! Again, poor readers, so sorry, I wasn't expecting a Dead Yami Day so soon.....and btw, the whole Dead Yami Day thing is credited to Fred Gallagher over at Megatokyo, who has Dead Piro Days. Thanks for the idea. I hate calling it *whisper* filler *end whisper* Thanks again, dear readers, for putting up with this...please come back next week, I promise it will be worth it.

Sorry folks, large projects prevented Iscariot Studios from getting this special page up before now, but we hope you like your surprise! Here you have it, the first inked, colored page of Shades of Crimson! *bows*
Whew, just in time! Here it is.
Wow. I'm surprised I had time to get a comic up this week. I've been busy with a few finals and final projects, but my multimedia class affords me time to draw and color the comics. As soon as summer gets started, things will get more difficult, as I will no longer have direct daily contact with my co-artist Bri. We'll work something out, though. Don't you worry your cute little heads, readers, Shades of Crimson will continue, no matter the circumstances!
This is one of the original planning pages for Shades of Crimson, since Iscariot Studios was too busy to get it colored this week. Sorry. This page was drawn by Bri, using Yami's original novel form of the story. The comic is inked, it's just not colored, and both Bri and Yami were too busy. Many many apologies!

GAH! I could've sworn I told it to update this yesterday, but of course it didn't work....ugh. I should have checked to see if it went up, but I didn't....sorry folks. And sorry especially for the crappy color job, I (Yami of course) had to do it myself, and I'm not good at coloring...Oh well, it could've been worse....also, soon to come, REAL BACKGROUNDS. Gods. I am so sorry. This comic isn't doing as well now that I'm out of school and out of contact with my co-artist...

On another note, I will be going on vacation starting this friday...and I'll be gone with extremely limited net access and no scanner for three weeks. Thus, crap for comics will be going up in place of story...I had another artist to do it at the last minute, but turns out she went on vacation too, and before she could get me anything to put up....So I'll have to find some time to draw something. Either that, or manage to dig out the first, absolute original drawing of Drehmos Blaze. I may even upload the first thing I wrote for him...which was from his younger days, when he was even more of a jerk than he is now...that story arc hasn't gone anywhere yet, but who knows, maybe I'll think of something over the vacation....

I would also like to thank all of you for reading. it means so very much to me...I would appreciate knowing if I have any readers, and you can let me know via my, or by going to my deviant art account (see link somewhere up there) and either sending me a note or commenting on one of my pictures, or finally by going to my website and posting something in the anime/manga part of the discussing board...I would really love that. This comic will get its own site, and maybe even some merchandise, once I see enough demand for it to pour some more money and time into the project.

 Thanks again everyone!!!!

So, SO, sorry. My scanner decided at the last minute that it hated me, so this is all I could do...This is Salvation, a character that will probably show up in later comics, probably a series of her own....well, mostly her own, she will share it with her twin sister Sin.
You know the story with the lame-o pictures for comics...If you don't, then read last time's news post, that explains it. Still sorry....There should be only one more week of this, then I aught to be home again. If something goes wrong, then...I dunno what will happen....

Still sorry. The comic should return next week, barring any out of control circumstances, such as my scanner still hating me. This is the same character from the first YVD (Yami Vacation Day), her name is still Salvation, and this is her winter outfit. I'm sorry, I stink at coloring....Ugh. I need to work on that. I will, too, believe you me.

Thanks for putting up with this, I hope I didn't lose too many readers thanks to this problem....>.<

Next time there will be a lengthy post detailing what's happened on my trip.

Or at least that's the plan.... 

I am SO sorry! Everything has broken. My good compy Raziel died (temporarily), photoshop won't install on this computer (Kurotaka is his name), and I can't find my co-artist Bri! As a special apology, here's the picture of Drehmos I drew that spawned my obsession with him, and this webcomic...This isn't actually the first picture ever of Drehmos, that one has somehow disappeared among my stacks and stacks of old sketchbooks and doodles. I know I drew it in Driver's Ed, but that didn't help me find it...this is the first picture of him, however, that I drew within the past 1-2 years, and the first picture that I really attacked with my new markers. I colored him several times, once was markered black and white, another was with a blue cloak, and this one, obviously, is with a green cloak. For a while, we decided he would wear a black/dark grey cloak, but when the comic went to color, it ended up being blue, to make him stand out more, and look slightly less evil. He still has a tendency to terrify everyone he meets though...*laughs*

I know I can't make up for putting you all through this...but as soon as I get a hold of my co-artist, we will post like three comics in one day to try to make you feel better....-_- And if I ever find that original picture...I'll try to do something special for you. 

ALRIGHT! back on track at last! Sorry again for everything, folks. From now on, no more crap-for-comics. The worst you'll get will be side stories, but they'll be entertaining comics, not just random pictures...There will be one more vacation this summer, but it's only 2 weeks, and there WILL be comics while Yami is gone. If not, all of Iscariot Studios will commit seppuku....(Japanese ritual suicide) Well, until next week! Bai Bai!
I'm on vacation again as of yesterday. This time I'm venturing to Oregon with a member of Iscariot Studios, Ardon, whom I call Ardon-sama. (Don't worry if you don't get that) I've been waiting for this trip for 2 or 3 years, so I'm pretty excited. I'll be back not this saturday, but the next, and I'll let y'all know how it went.
Sorry, everyone!  This is Kitsune, Yami's invisible co-artist.  Yami had to leave and unfortunately left me in charge of the strip.  Ehe, anyway, this is the next page.  Who is the mysterious new figure?  Why did he pull Drehmos out of his wanderings?  Stay tuned to find out!  (hopefully Yami will be back next week....)
Nothing much to say this week. School will be starting on the 27th of August...which will be a major inhibitor to getting the comic up, but I will do my very best... Anyway, I'll see you all next week.



So very, very sorry...

Here it is, after something like six weeks... 

Alright! Whee-hoo! I did this comic all myself! (Me being Yami) I hope you all like it. *bows* What else to say? Oh, yes. It will not immediately be explained just why Tarik can't go to Parn to help Seige, but you will find out eventually. You will also eventually learn exactly what these two's relationship is, and many other fun secrets like why Drehmos wears a hood. There are many secrets to be had...

Well, guys, the time of decision is at hand. It is becoming, as you must have noticed, very, very hard, nearly impossible in fact, to keep up with posting of the comic. This is mainly due to creating the comic on the computer with programs I have limited access to (aka only at the tech center on school mornings when I don't have other work to do). One solution to this problem would be to switch back to purely sketched comics. I've posted about this on the studio's blog, which is located here.

 Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this issue. 

The comic resumes at last, with a bit of explanation that raises more questions...

All right. We're back to sketched comics, though they'll probably be colored with colored pencils when I can. I gots Prismacolors!  ^_^

Be sure to visit my Deviant art account right here for a new picture of a character from Hayermon, a story that will probably show up here soon after this story arc is finished. 

Jeffrey Wittenburg (benedict) says:

AND THE PLOT THICKENS!!!!!!!!!!! dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!!!


lol, these are really great, keep up the good work! (I'm looking forward to the free panels. ^_^)

Jeffrey Wittenburg (benedict) says:

YAY! Color!  ^_^  you're doing a really great job, keep it up!

 I like the free panel look, too ^_^

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