Welcome to "Ryuusui", the soon-to-be-in-production webcomic about a rather scrawny ninja and his encounters with oni, geisha, daimyo, magic swords, and some very angry fish.

This will update once a week, probably around the weekend.

Hey all.  After recently visiting the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR, I was inspired to create a webcomic.  I thought, "Hey, this is pretty neat stuff" and also "I'm not too shabby at drawing".  So, here is my attempt at a webcomic. I'm going to start as soon as possible.  Expect the first page by the end of this week.

  It will be as historically accurate as I can make it, but it does have many fantasy and humor elements, so if you notice something "out of place", it's probably there for a reason.  

Oh, yeah, and by the way, I spent quite some time trying to get the Kanji right, it reads, of course, "Ryuusui", meaning "Skinny Dragon".  If there are any Japanese speakers out there who have spotted a stupid-white-man-mistake I made, please let me know. >.<  

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