Courtney Rae ||   

Name: Courtney Rae


Other Aliases: Hey you, Kid, Youji-chan, QuizzicallyQuixotic, Queen of the Dorks


Likes: Writing, Drawing, Rice, People, Amusement Parks, Mello Yellow, being a spazz, picking on her nerd friends, anime, House


Dislikes: Watermelon/strawberry flavored things and when snow’s on the ground, but school goes on anyway.


Favorite Book: A Tale of Two Cities.


Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro


About Me: I am a Libra, born about seventeen years ago. I’m a total people person and work a summer job at an amusement park. I live in Kentucky and am proud to say that my accent has almost been squashed into a Northern one. I am also a vegetarian, and a great chef when it comes to cooking soy based products. If you want to message me, feel free. I love talking. :)