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Dimitri Dawnwalker


Male White Tiger

Father: Lord Marcus Dawnwalker
Sister: Renee Dawnwalker
Mother: ???
Wife: Trinity Dawnwalker(Diseased)
*Dimitri knows he had a mother and remembers being with her, however, he cannot remember anything about his mother herself.*


Dimitri is normally very serious, raised to be the heir to the diplomatic of the two Lords. However, despite his seriousness, his personality is often influenced by others, especially his best friend and rival, Davin.

Though quite diplomatic, Dimitri still knows how to handle a sword well. In fact, he was born a Swordsage; A rare person who was born with innate mastery of any bladed weapon, especially swords. He's not nearly as strong as Davin, but he more than makes up for it with his speed.

Dimitri's favorite weapon is the Sunrider, a double bladed sword with both a fire and an ice enchantment on the blades. It is a holy blade and acts as an heirloom of the Dawnwalker family. He is rarely seen physically carrying it around and is capable of summoning it at will to his hands.

The shield necklace around Dimitri's neck allows him to heal others supernaturally fast, enhancing their rate of regeneration. It once belonged to his wife, and as such he is never seen with it off and displays it proudly.

Dimitri, despite being married once, has an unnatural fear of being 'decent'. He has been known to freak out at a bare chested woman or people who wear little or no clothing and is especially nervous about himself being shirtless in public. No one really knows the reasons why.

Dimitri originally started his journey as a way to escape Syridell and the memories of the wife he lost. Only time will tell where life will take him next... Back to the Cast Page
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