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Karma # 1 1/2: The Prequel to Beantown

Last updated: Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
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With the collaboration of some of the most talented artists, film makers and storytellers out there, ZeroHero Comics is here for only one purpose. To entertain. Drawing from the inspirations of Geof Darrow, Frank Miller, Ed McGuiness, and countless movie directors, ZeroHero was established to bring original, detailed, and exciting stories to the masses. With the creative collaboration of director Timothy Norman and others, ZeroHero Comics is pleased to present an urban tale from the world of his critically acclaimed independant ganster epic, "Beantown" Entitled "Karma #1 1/2" this story presents a prequel to the film and takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride comparable to the likes of Miller and Rodriguez. ZeroHero is also overseeing other projects at this time, such as the post produciton and graphic elements of the film (for a showcase of the work created and other exciting projects on the way, go to and collaborting on other explosive and spine shattering dives into the world of graphic storytelling. So click away, and thank you for your support.