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Sundays, hopefully.


A 15-year-old with an unhealthy obsession with beauty, freedom, truth,love and profanities. ... more
Lynn Feral
A pastor's daughter and a daddy's girl, Lynn is as sweet as honey (and about as thick). ... more
Satan, Lord of Lies
What? A comic that uses Satan as a Major Character? HOW ORIGINAL! ... more
Creator of Universe, Light of Life, Almighty King of Kings, and so on. Shows up rather infrequently, actually. ... more
Pastor Tom Feral
Lynn's father. A good-old-fashioned-fire-and-brimstone man of God with the social sensitivity of a Klansman. Which he also is. ... more
James Williams ||   

James is a 21 year old recovering Christian School student from the hils of West Virginia. His own mother refuses to read these comics, so he won't take it personally if you're offended too. ... full profile