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Series Suspended For A Spell


Mr. Mysterious
Although legally blind, Mr. Mysterious perceives the world around him through his mind's eye. He is telepathic, telekinetic, and able to alter his body's mass and size. Mr. Mysterious can also commune with the dead. ... more
The Succubus controls dreams and can change the dreamscape at will. The Succubus also manipulates human emotions and can create realistic illusions. ... more
Legion can only appear on Earth in spirit form but he is capable of taking possession of the human body and a man's soul by force. Legion is also a powerful black magician. ... more
Selene is a powerful sorceress who uses her witches' coven as a source of psychic energy and magic power. She is also capable of teleporting herself and others through time and space. ... more
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Brian Payne is a cartoonist from beneath the underground and the creator of "Zinc Comics Weekly." ... full profile