About The Patrick Alexander Variety Website PLUS!

Hello, it?s me, your best friend Patrick Alexander.

Many of the comics on my Variety Website, including the excellent feature comic, Raymondo Person, are free. Some, however, are only fully available to subscribers.

A lot of free webcomics run on donations. Well, here, if you ?donate? $2.00 US a month or $20.00 US a year, you actually get something in return for your donation: more comics. Makes sense, right?

Not only will you gain full access to all the comics on this site and their archives, you?ll also be helping me to create even more comics, which I can then put on this site, and so on.

This is NEATO, yes?

Did you know that if just 1,500 people subscribed to my Variety Website for a full year, I could ? and would ? quit my job and draw comics full-time? Comics for YOU?

I know I?m not the only person creaming my pants right now!

Eventually I?d like to figure out a way to make non-comics content available to my subscribers, too. Like songs and audio plays, and even computer games, once I get some finished. I have all kinds of projects going on, and there?s nothing I want more than to share them with you. YOU. That?s right.

So please subscribe, and I?ll do my very best to make it worth your while.

Thanks! I?ll see you in the SECRET SUBSCRIBER-ONLY SECTION.

Payment Instructions

Folks we ain't doin' no subscriptions at the moment. Go enjoy the free comics. I don't want your damned dirty money.
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